Name that presidential candidate

I found the following while working on a response to a recent story submitted by Daniel. (No fair peeking)

......__________ is worried that America's "credibility as a world leader" is in jeopardy. Why? Because "Haiti's military rulers continue to thumb their noses at the United States." Washington has tried by peaceful means to make them release their illegitimate grip on power, "but nothing has worked--not diplomacy, not tougher sanctions, not a potential naval embargo."

This search for a negotiated solution has failed, says _____________, "because there was no believable threat of force" on our part. If the regime in Port au Prince does not relent, "we must be willing to seek international approval to use military force." This, proclaims the headline of __________ recent op-ed piece in the New York Times (May 16), will "Make Haiti's Thugs Tremble."

__________ challenges "those who supported Presidents Bush and Reagan" when "we intervened in Grenada, Panama, and Iraq" to explain "why the Haitian situation is different." He argues that "Every individual reason given for those previous interventions is present in the plural in Haiti--to protect innocent lives, to end chaos, to restore order, to root out drug traffickers."

____________ list, however, is not complete. One consideration he omits is the danger to American lives. Albeit in small numbers, Americans were in peril in Grenada and Panama; not so in Haiti...

"Hypocrisy on Haiti", Commentary, July 1994.