Bill C-250

Submitted by tomeboy on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 15:11

Perhaps I missed this before, but I haven’t read anything posted by our Canadian friends here at LISNews about this legislation.


"…Proponents of Bill C-250 have reassured Canadians that the legislation won't censor religious speech so long as such expression does not promote hatred. But the sticky point is that, by modern standards, some parts of the Bible itself can be read as hateful to gays -- Leviticus 18:22 being only one example of many. Indeed, it is not an irrational fear to imagine that a Canadian Ake Green might soon stage a public reading of the Old Testament and get thrown into jail as a result… "(“Censoring the Bible�, National Post, 8/23/2004)
Are we all in agreement this is an example of a knee jerk reactionary Canadian government?