NRA endorsement and a poem

From the Washington Post . NRA has endorsed GWB. Here's my poem in tribute:

    Artillery's good

    Trial Lawyers are bad

    The state of our nation

    Has made me so mad.

    Warmongering's good

    Liberals are bad

    If I hadn't lived through it

    I'd think I'd been had.

    Isolationism's good

    Diplomacy's bad

    I predict November second

    There'll be a hanging chad.

    But the lawyers stand ready

    To uphold what's right

    To keep our country's dignity

    To fight the fair fight

    Voting's good

    Staying home's bad

    Get out there election day

    The next day you'll be glad.


Artillery's bad
Trial Lawyers are gold
The state of the left wing
Has made me more bold.

Warmongering's awful

And Liberals are sweet,

I know I've lived through this

I think it’s a repeat.

Isolationism's left wing

Diplomacy's mythical

I predict November second

Will be suspense-aful.

All the lawyers are ready
To hold up what is right

To keep our country's dignity

To fight the fair fight

Voting is good

Staying home's bad

Get out on election day

On the third you'll be glad.

Good stuff Makhno.

Not to worry, mom will never know you've got the NetNanny password.

Nervous guy.

As Reader's Digest always says "laughter is the best medicine." Thanks, Makhno!

Not so much a stanza of poetry but a commercial jingle. So much for walking away from pop culture. What next? Excursions into hiphop?

THAT is witty, Norma. A big "thank you". (I liked your's too, Birdie.)

nbruce, that last stanza just doesn't quite have it either, but I do take your point about "ALL the 527s, etc." Perhaps one day it will all change. And please, no comments about "when pigs fly" - because I know they do! ;-)

Well, if George Will is correct that "the American people" spend more on toothpaste every year than both the Republican and Democratic campaigns will have spent this year, then it's high time to go back to using salt - preferably sea salt.

vast sums? I think it was George Will who said we spend more on toothpaste each year then we do on our elections.

Your sense of rhyme and reason
is influenced by your thoughts,
All are biased partisans
In this election season.

"I just wish the 20 million that the NRA is planning on spending. . . "

I've felt that way about ALL the 527s and special rich guys like Soros. Living in Ohio we feel like our media have been hijacked. I wonder how many thousands of dollars per "undecided" voter have been spent--and on people who can't even make up their mind?

Sorry fellows, birdie's poem is better in her use of language and rhythm - and, frankly, I like it better, too. :-)

I just wish the 20 million that the NRA is planning on spending in the next few weeks - two weeks? - could be spent on something more helpful to the good of the country, heck even to the good of any non partisan entity that needs the money more than the gun lobby does to protect that which they're so afraid of losing. The same goes for all the funds spent by both campaigns. Think what good these vast sums could have done.

Sorry I couldn't add to the poetry corner.

Enjoy the debate tonight!

Tell that to Chicago!

And just one more reminder,
To the Democrats oft said.

You can only vote once,

And you can't be dead.

" will never know you've got the NetNanny password."
Say "hi" to her for me, Tomeboy.

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