Rambilin Man

I love working Saturdays. The library is only open until 5 PM and it is a slower pace. It also means that I get a day off during the week. So I worked Saturday.

It started of well enough a few computer check outs using the patron’s cards, no grumbling after I explained why we are getting verifiable statistics to get more county library co-op funding.

Then I had a nice meeting with a non-moron employee of the Systems department who will teach some computer classes for me. In fact this person (who does not have an MLS) could do the entire computer class program by herself, but of course her MLS boss and office politics won’t permit it.

Then during the meeting someone informed me that one of the toilets in the ladies loo sprung a leak. I inspected it and quickly surmised that I can’t fix it. Absent any tools and any knowledge of plumbing repairs I called the plumber. ($137.50 to fix some sort of valve in ~20 minutes).

So while waiting for the plumber I was informed by the goils in Children’s that the water is seeping through to their carpet. While I am the department head of the largest department with the largest staff, I am not allowed to have a key to the custodian’s closet. Apparently they feel I will skip out with the paper towels. Well since I am not worthy of a squeegee or a mop I got 20 pounds of cat litter and spread it on the floor of the ladies bog. It absorbed the water near the wall and created a cat litter barrier to more seepage. The Children’s section was thus saved.

Of course I had to clean up all the cat litter and water from the tile floor after the plumber was through. This was truly the first day I did not wear a tie to work (My dry cleaners was condemned by the Fire Department because they did not have 120 volt power for the lights, only 220 three phase for the machines – BFD I just came back from Haiti where I cooked MREs with little heat up stick thingies- I don’t care if the illegal aliens can’t see to press my shirts they still look better than what I would do at home.) so I wore a guayabera to work.

Well that was my day, a few computer checkouts, a few simple ready reference questions, and a fiasco in the head.

On a brighter note Dick, and I watched the debates Friday from Innisbrook Resort, just a mile or two away from my library. I’m sure he would want me to say hi to everyone.

On an even brighter note AerLingus (the Irish airline) has flights from Orlando @ $184 (368 return)! I am going to get some decent food come next month.