Just a nod to Birdie for an earlier post that provided a catalyst to gather some thoughts about this issue. I doubt she agrees here but thanks just the same.



I don't agree with the ".con" concept.

And as for donating to a worthy cause, I start to froth at the mouth each time I see one of those Wal-Mart ads about 'helping in our community.' Those people are rolling in dough, and essentially destroying the communities they invade. But I digress, that's another matter.

Maybe you could recommend a truly non-partisan 'get out the vote' campaign, America Votes>, but basically any way to get people to the polls is a good way.

Birdie - Surely your joking about America Votes??

My request is simple. As a "non-partisan" organization ALA should remove any and all links to PAC's on their voter registration page. I'd say the same thing if these> partnered with ALA.

The other option here would be for ALA to stop this "non-partisan" fibbing and publicly fess up to being an organization for progressive librarians. That would be fine with me.

No Shirely, I'm not kidding about America Votes. I don't know the organization inside and out, but I have no reason to believe that they are not what they profess to be, a non-partisan get-out-the-vote effort. They have a lot of good supporters backing them. If you have information to the contrary, please pass it on.

It's good to see you in these pages again, along with accurate text about what your blog post was about.

I thought your points were well taken, although I don't know too much about America Votes either. I do recall hearing that Working Assets was a major supporter, and it's true that Working Assets cannot possibly be considered nonpartisan.

I have to admit a bias against ANY registration drives, partisan or not. With voter turnout in the low 50s % for Presidential elections, all parties should be focused on turning out people already registered. Why cajole people into registering who may find something better to do on election day?

Hope to hear from you more often.

No Shirely, I'm not kidding about America Votes

This thread is beginning to sound like a bad Airplane skit.

Anyway, back to America Votes. I don't think I'm being unfair when judging their, America Votes, "coalition partners" as leaning politically to the left. Some more than others. A few examples from their web page:

  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Environment2004
  • Voter Fund
  • NAACP National Voter Fund
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America
  • National Education Association
  • People for the American Way
  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund
  • Sierra Club

    Am I off base here?

  • Sorry you didn't like my little (Shirley) joke tomeboy, bro...

    anyway, because the groups are perhaps left leaning (I'm sure there are some Republican members of NEA and Sierra Club and Planned Parenthood...does that mean that they are a PARTISAN organization?

    ...does that mean that they are a PARTISAN organization?

    Well, I wouldn't disagree that some of these organizations have Republican members. Although I think their numbers would be very small. I guess I would feel better if groups like America Votes and Working Assets were truly bi-partisan with their partners. For example, why not a include associations like the NRA, Christian Coalition, National Right To Life, etc.? Could we not also assume that Democrats are also members of these groups?

    More importantly Sis, I did like your joke. In fact I love that goofy humor with Leslie Nielson. Where is this guy anyway? I still say we are one happy, dysfunctional family. Call me Alex P Keaton I suppose? Would that make you Mallory ; )

    Hey Daniel, thanks for the kind words here.

    I agree with you on the cajoling business. Why spend on all that money for Rock the Vote if the season premier of Real World airs November 2? Honestly I won't be too disappointed when this date passes, regardless of the outcome. I'm in my third week of a self-imposed and indefinite TV boycott. Well, except for TV Land and ESPN.

    I suppose the weather is getting a bit more chilly up there?

    Not many Americans could restrict themselves to two channels. Congratulations. Does TVLand run Twilight Zone reruns?

    "I suppose the weather is getting a bit more chilly up there?"

    Still quite nice for Southeast Alaska. Today was rain in the low 50s. I spent last weekend in Anchorage where we got shocked by a six inch snowfall! No snow in Juneau yet, not even a dusting on the mountains. Could happen any time now, but likely won't till the end of October.

    Hmm... must buy new snow tires.