Election fraud by Fox

Speaking of a need for fact-checking,
here's a story about wholesale electioneering fraud by Fox News. They reported that out of states students are not allowed to vote in Arizona, and hinted they could be prosecuted for doing so.

The broadcasts in question aired on Aug. 31 and Sept. 8. In the Aug. 31 broadcast, Fox reporter Natalie Tejeda began her report with, "Several hundred students have registered to vote here over the past few days, but the Pima County registrar of voters believes many may have unintentionally committed a felony."

However, if anyone has committed a felony, it is Ms. Tajeda and Fox; for erroneous and misleading reporting that flies in the face of reality. Fox apparently failed to correctly report the procedures for student voters on campus, perpetuating the lie thereby. And it would have been so easy to correct this misapprehension with as few as one fact checkers.

So: news services which try to get at the truth and screw up are savaged and vilified in fits of hysteria; news services which are clearly fraudulent are feted.

God help Amurca.

And while we're at it, let's not forget that Bush's march to military misadventurism was based on other forged documents; the debunking of which the Bush regime committed a felony to punish.

Republicans do not have the moral high ground in the Dan Rather Affair.


Your comparing a local affiliate with Dan Rather the face of CBS News, your also comparing someone's misunderstanding of the law and the complete fabrication of documents.

Any of those fad oxygen bars in Canada Fang? you could use the air

I am comparing Fox's lack of fact checking with CBS's lack of fact checking and predicting that republican supporters will continue to demonstrate hypocrisy by turning a blind eye to a case of felonious election fraud from which the Bush regime stands to profit.

Nice try but no sale.