Ashcroft Continues to Seek New Powers

Attorney General Ashcroft and his allies in Congress are taking advantage of the 9/11 Commission report to push an expansion of the powers of the Department of Justice and erode key checks and balances that prevent government abuse. Many of their earlier proposals met with defeat, but now they are pushing new legislation that would dramatically expand on the PATRIOT Act and even further restrict our freedom.

This proposed legislation would increase the government’s power to secretly obtain personal records without judicial review. Also, by expanding "administrative subpoena" powers, it would erode already diminished judicial oversight in terrorism cases and would allow access to confidential records without individual suspicion of wrongdoing.

The 9/11 Commission's final report clearly indicated that government agents failed to properly use the powers already available. By granting new powers and removing key checks and balances, we are increasing the risk of government abuse and the threat of unnecessary searches.

This proposed legislation might be voted on as early as next week. Your Members of Congress need to hear from you now.

Take Action! Urge your Members of Congress to oppose this dangerous expansion of government powers.

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