Back In The Saddle, Again

I'll be getting back up to speed this weekend hopefully. I was pretty good about checking mail while down at Disney, but I've got allota catching up to do still. September is turning out to be rather busy. I'm hoping to build a deck on the house, work is sending me away twice, I've got my "Reference Librarian" issue to finish up, plus class started yesterday, so that'll keep my busy for the rest of the year.

Disney was fun. There seems to be 4 kinds of Disney people. Those who've never been to Disney World, those who hate Disney regardless of whether or not they've been there, those who love everything Disney, and those who don't love it, but who are impressed with what it takes to run an operation of that size. I'm in that last camp, it's not what I'd call a magical place, but it's mighty impressive. The shear size of everything is just mind boggling. It takes something like 52k employees (cast members) to run that place, spread out of something like 40 square miles, I can't even imagine what it takes to just run payroll for that many people in so many locations. Buses, boats, trams, trolleys, cars, vans… moving people around is a huge undertaking. I'm not quite clear on why they made everything so spread out. It had an entirely sanitized suburban feel everywhere I went. Getting a "cast member" to break out of the scripted lines they're given was next to impossible. I'm not talking about the folks running around in the costumes, even the dorky kid from TN that took us on a boat tour wouldn't loosen up at all. They've got all they're employees programmed, er, trained well. It turns out Florida is hotter than hell in August, who would've thunk it?

I'll grep out some stats for August some time this weekend I hope. It looks like things were quite active around here over the past week. The weather is supposed to be lovely all weekend, so I'm hoping I'll be too busy outside to worry much about inside pursuits, though I know I have quite a bit left to do for class. It looks like it'll be a good group this semester; I'm looking forward to it.


I had 2 friends in grad school who went through Disney's internship program. Disney employees have VERY strict rules about how to deal with the public. There is no grey area, if they break or bend a rule and get caught they are fired. Their primary function is to maintain the "disney magic" for all the guests.

My sister and brother-in-law in southern CA were at one time or another animators for Disney (my sister in law did effects animation, etc., like waves for the Little Mermaid, plus about five or six other movies).

Disney laid them off without warning, and never gave notice or any kind of bennies. I'm not too keen on their corporate philosophy, particularly since Walt died. But glad you had a good time anyway. You know there's a movement underway to take Disney away from Michael Eisner Save Disney.