Jeb Bush and The Right to Die

The thought that Jeb Bush has "aspirations for the Presidency" (according to news pundits)leaves me speechless. Hey, let's all get dressed up in costumes, put up a curtain and make our country into a little monarchy! Governments

I am saddened and dismayed by his actions regarding Terry Schiavo WANE-TV.


I am gladdened by his actions in the Schiavo case. We shouldn't kill people. Terry Schiavo did not have a living will that directed the discontinuance of food and water; it is a sin to starve someone to death.

Today I voted against Judge Greer, the judge that ordered the tube removed.

I am not gladdened. My response to Jeb's overturning Judge Greer's ruling would be to run like hell and sign myself up immediately for a living will (if I didn't have one, but I do).

Let's not get into the sin thing, but too bad the hungry in America and elsewhere are not being helped by legislation and judges.

At most Jeb would get a shot at 8 years of the presidency. And in order to get it he would have to run and the country would have to elect him to the job. At this point I have no idea if he's up to it but the fact that he's part of the Bush family should not be a disqualification. Unlike Ted Kennedy who's *only* qualification is that he is a Kennedy.

As for Schiavo, its a tough call but the husband's interests are not exactly pure in this case.

If you think being starved and dehydrated is such a "kind" death, take a look at my post How long does it take to die of dehydration and ask yourself if you would want it for yourself or your children or your parents? Let her husband be honest and just put a pillow over her face while all the "choice" people turn their heads. Or why doesn't he just divorce her and marry the mother of his out of wedlock children?