Well, as of last night at around 9:30 pm, we were driving south on the Westside Highway and then on West End Avenue, ending up crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and home. ALL were nearly -deserted- (by NY standards), except for clusters of police (obviously in predetermined locations) in preparation for whatever happened (which was nothing). The funny thing is that police cars carried three or four cops each, as I suppose that every officer was on duty and those that would normally have a car (on a different shift) had to double up. There were quite a lot of cops about, but very few people. Presumably half a million people (more or less) ended up marching and demonstrating quite peacefully, except for of course a couple of nitwits. We drove by Ground Zero, which was quiet and dark, but a small platform (for workers?) has started to spring up.

I can't speak for all New Yorkers, but we certainly are not fans of Rudy G (as opposed to ALI G!!!). Glad he's out of the mayor's mansion. and I couldn't agree more that I hope the RNC speakers won't claim a "victory" with 9/11, but chances are that particularly dark moment in history will be featured prominently, as they did choose NY for the convention. We will not forget.