The Republicans are Coming

Remember the book/movie "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming?" Well, now we've (NYC) got the 2004 version of this phenomenon, the Republicans are coming. "Naked Boys Singing" was removed from the list of reduced price shows for delegates to the RNC (not sure why, the activities coordinator said it was a boo-boo), and here's what the NYT has to say.

The birdie family is staying put Monday through Thursday, let them come (and spend a lotta money) in our fair city. Welcome Republicans!


Please do keep us apprised of your views of the city during the RNC's stay. I only read that NYT article quickly, but I had to wonder who it was that they were polling (60%) who still were so pleased with Rudi G. And as for invoking the day of September 11th, oh how I wish they/he would not. There are many, many who lost their loves, their friends and family that day - and there are those who escaped...who don't want to see any politician use that day as a campaign tool.

But back to the Republican invasion - I have a number of friends who are quite worried about the impact this event is going to have on their daily commute both into and within the city - let alone the fear of "what could happen". I do hope you'll keep us posted - perhaps you should try to think of this journal as a possible screen play for "The Republicans Are Coming"? And for those who may not recall the movie birdie has alluded to, you might enjoy checking it out here: The Russians Are Coming!

Hi Bookworm,
Well, as of last night at around 9:30 pm, we were driving south on the Westside Highway and then on West End Avenue, ending up crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and home. ALL were nearly -deserted- (by NY standards), except for clusters of police (obviously in predetermined locations) in preparation for whatever happened (which was nothing). The funny thing is that police cars carried three or four cops each, as I suppose that every officer was on duty and those that would normally have a car (on a different shift) had to double up. There were quite a lot of cops about, but very few people. Presumably half a million people (more or less) ended up marching and demonstrating quite peacefully, except for of course a couple of nitwits. We drove by Ground Zero, which was quiet and dark, but a small platform (for workers?) has started to spring up.

I can't speak for all New Yorkers, but we certainly are not fans of Rudi G (as opposed to ALI G!!!). Glad he's out of the mayor's mansion. and I couldn't agree more that I hope the RNC speakers won't claim a "victory" with 9/11, but chances are, it will be featured prominently, as they did choose NY for the convention. We will not forget.

OK, I give up: who is ALI G? His first wife? ;-)

I really didn't know at first until I "googled" him! Was he ever on Saturday Night Live? I'm too much of a penny pincher to subscribe to HBO...but I'm sure I've seen Ali G around. I wonder if he's attendance this week?

If you googled him, you probably know as much as I do about the guy (Sascha Baron Cohen, an actor who pretends to be a dropout from the 'hood). My kids have watched him on video and when they were at someone's house with HBO. He's a pretty new comic phenom, don't think he's been on SNL as yet (but he should be!) HBO, and Dis Be Ali G.

None of this of course has anything to do with RNC, and I don't think the majority of Republicans would appreciate Ali G. as much as Rudi G. (but ya never know).