The Sudan

Very interesting article by a Sudanese-born American teenager who lives in Mississippi, about being a Muslim in her small town; and another fascinating article about the Sudan in this week's
New Yorker
, entitled "Dying in Darfur".


It is interesting that the U.N. and various NGOs referred to the Sudan massacres as a "humanitarian crisis" as though all they need is flood relief or some seed corn. Villages are being burned, women and children raped and slaughtered, and millions displaced. Black muslims are being slaughtered by Arab muslims. I'm not referring here to the article you cite--but the accounts in the TV media.

Both President Bush and Secretary Powell have used almost identical language to the UN's. Plus, we seem content to let the UN Security Council process take its leisurely course.What happened to our global mission to protect the innocent -- no matter what the cost or who we offend? It's situations like this that make the world rightly doubt America's commitment to freedom and justice.