LISNews in the Press

2 different people pointed out 2 different places LISNews showed up recently. Rochelle noticed we were in The Pantagraph. They called us "the national library site," I'm just happy the got the capitalization correct, no one ever gets that right. It's nice to see LISNews mentioned in a newspaper. Offline & online working together I guess.

The other place was Library Journal. Aaron mentioned he'd seen an LISNews blurb. A search for LISNews on LJ's site returns 9 hits actually. The Latest was from a couple weeks ago on the big bru-ha-ha up in Ann Arbor, MI. LJ quoted the library's IT manager from a post he made in that thread. Having met a couple of the LJ folks I can say I'm a big fan of the people there, and the product they all put out. It's just nice to know some of the people at the top O' the library news heap read LISNews occasionally.


A fine publication, LISNews. And entertaining too!

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