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Here's an oddity, maybe even an excuse for someone much more hip to internet code to show off their stuff.

If you've used Firefox (or, I assume, some other Mozilla/Netscape variants), you've probably noticed that some bookmark rectangles (the folded-corner page where you click, left of the name) get replaced by mini-icons when you first visit the site. Wired News turns into a little W on a red background, LISNews a big L with little IS tucked inside it, Bloglines a capital B, and so on.

I'm impressed by the creativity involved in crafting recognizable letters/pictures in the tiny number of pixels apparently available for these bookmark/icons.

Today, suddenly, it got interesting. I was asked for a publicity photo, so, naturally, went to my website to provide the exact address. And, to my considerable surprise, I now have a tiny Netscape icon (at least that's what I think it is) in place of the standard page. The same thing happened with Consumer WebWatch--but nowhere else. Including Cites & Insights.

Neither site has fancy HTML (putting it mildly). I can't imagine how the "Walt Crawford" site is picking up a Netscape icon.

And the icon seems to come and go, which is even stranger.

Any suggestions?

[Yes, I do use Firefox, except for two sites that absolutely require IE.)


There's a file called "favicon.ico" in your home directory. Delete it and the picture goes away. Replace it with a wonderful cameo of yourself and everybody will be impressed with Walt on the head of a pin, as it were.

David's right, except that's in ATT's root dir,, and since your site is just a sub dir of that, a browser automagically picks up the favicon in that. Browsers just look for the ico file in / .I forgot about the LISNews one, man that thing is UGLY, time to make a new one some day.

Aha! I wondered whether the AT&T presence had something to do with it.

So if I ever had the urge to make a "favicon" for C&I, now I know where to put it. But probably I'll just lie down until the urge passes.

Thanks both--and I'm glad I didn't read David's comment until Blake clarified matters. I would have said "Whah? I never put any such file there!"

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