Feast or famine

What a whacky morning. Sitting here killing time writing in my weblog (I refuse to use the abbreviated term), and waiting for the bug man to come 3 people have called me for interviews and 2 emails have arrived for interviews.

1) Local P/L where I interviewed once wants a followup.

2) Local P/L that wants a part-time ~20 hrs ref librarian that is about 3 miles from my house.

3) US Government (NOAA) contract gig in south Florida

4) Library a few counties away wants an in person follow up after a telephone interview

5) Library a few counties away wants an in person for a ref librarian position.

I have no idea what is going on. I also won six bucks in the lottery Saturday night. Woo Hoo.

Maybe I won't have to practice saying do you want fries with that in Spanish. Desea papas fritas?


NOAA. Good luck.

Maybe the greying of the profession finally hit or something:-) I also have an interview lined up and also got recruited to apply for a position at ALA Annual. Good luck to you!