ALA and "Feel Good" Investing


There are some Catholic mutual funds, the Ave Maria family of funds in which I have a wee bit of change invested.

Ave Maria funds eschew, if I recall, firms that are in any fashion involved with abortion or pornography. They also will not invest in companies that offer 'same sex life partner' benefits.

AVEGX has preformed well for me, I move stuff from a gold/metals fund (OGMCX) when the economy began to pick up early in the year.

While I don't choose my investments specifically on those firms that oppose abortion or pornography. I would never buy equities in an abortion clinic, or Playboy. I can't scrutinize each security my funds hold, but I am pleased with the return from AVEGX and I am doubly pleased that the fund parallels my beliefs.

Of course ALA wouldn't invest in them because they hold General Dynamics.

Thanks Matthew.

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Well I thought that I would just slap it up there, but the three things I tried didn't work. I have been fooling around with the templates and modules and I have no idea why code I include now is not working.

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