annnnnnd ... Go!

I have three (3) Gmail account invitations available to give out. Since I cannot seem to interest my friends or family in them, I will give them away to the first three people who comment on this thread. If you want me to send the invite to your LIS account, make sure you are configured to receive e-mail that way. I suggest you do not post e-mail in plain text. I will be able to figure out any obscured addresses (i hope).

I may not check in here for a few days so try to be patient with me if you don't receive them right away. I will respond to the winners by sending them the invitation from Gmail.

Good Luck,



I am very interested..

djsarge at hotmail dot com

Well I've registered and have been using gmail for a while now (1 July). Don't know why it didn't inform you. It said it sent a message to your gmail account.


I noticed you haven't registered yet. (Gmail lets me know when someone I invited signs up). Let me know if you haven't received your invite yet; I sent it yesterday (Wednesday, June 23). If it was blocked or lost I may be able to do something about it on my end.

I don't feel "invaded" so far. I don't pay much attention to the ads so I may be missing something invasive but I don't think so.

The ads are pretty discrete. They are all text and similar in style to Google ads elswhere on web pages. There are no banner ads at all so far. The text ads seem to work by taking words from the text of the message and using that to decide what ad to show. Just looking now at a message (the ads don't appear in the index) I see in a column to the right of my message, one "sponsored link" and several other links that appear to be a simple search of google (web) on a similar subject as the ad. So it is somewhat like what you see in a google search.

I will keep an eye on this to see if it becomes obnoxious.

Of course I am kidding, but I must be one of the only people in the world who really doesn't want one.

I guess it was because I spent so much time setting up my own mail service and making it redundant on my sever, and also keeping a 3rd copy of spam stripped mail on my ISP's server. ( my website and my DSL ISP are two different providers)

However I do want to know how it works for those who do have GMail. I am particularly interested in how 'invaded' you feel. Is it a fair trade off?

promise to remember from whence we came and offer gmail invites to our lisnewsfriends as soon as we are able.

As Orkut has proven, I'll never be one of the cool kids. Anyone want an Orkut invite? I need someone to join me at the Square Pegs/dork table. You can email me at rochelle at lisnews dot org. Cannot promise a speedy turn-around, as I will be heading off for Orlando soon, and am not one of the cool kids who travels with lap-top or wireless.

Thank you very much. Now one of the cool kids!

Thank you very much!!

I have sent the invitations to djsarge, lordjim_2001 and Rochelle. That's all I have to give at this time, unless the Gmail admins decide to shower more upon me.

Have fun!

was it sent to a hotmail or yahoo account? there are rumors of gmail blockage

Nope. Didn't get one from you. I swear I'm not trying to be a gmail ho'!

Let Me> I think I have a few invites as well. I thought I already sent one to Rochelle?

Pretty please. rochelle at lisnews dot org


I forgot the paragraph tag! Ignore that "M" at the end of my address please.

I can't believe that there is only one comment yet. I'd love an invite. lordjim_2001 AT juno DOT com


Thanks for letting me know. Perhaps this is a "beta" bug. I might report it to Google, but as the invitation feature may not be part of the public version of Gmail it might not be worth doing so.