Two in 12 days? What's wrong here?

So you'll see in the stories (assuming someone else approves it--I may have "author" status but I won't approve my own postings on C&I) that the promised pre-Annual Conference Cites & Insights (July 2004, volume 4, issue 9) is out, actually three days earlier than the planned June 21 pub date.

That's 11 days after the special Mid-June issue.

How can I square this with previous journal entries about being overrun by real-world events?

Simple: Panic.

Not really--but sort of. The family matters did chew up one weekend and a fair amount of other time--but they also got me into a mode of fitting C&I work into spare hours here and there. I pushed to make sure I'd have time to get things done.

Then two other things--maybe, actually, one other thing--happened. After the tooth came out, I haven't had the "sinusy" headaches--and, in the week that's followed, several sections came together a lot faster than I'd expected.

I'm sure the editing is as atrocious as usual, for which I apologize: It really is hard to edit your own stuff.

Now, back to "paid projects" before and after ALA. I'm targeting the August issue for late July, no earlier than July 23. Given that some themes should slow down during the summer, I think that's reasonable--but there are always surprises.