Horizon on something other than Sun

Or Microsoft Windows, for that matter.

The official platforms thus far for both Horizon and "Horizon Information Portal" are: MS Windows, Solaris [sparc only - methinks], and Redhat Enterprise Linux. Now Horizon can use MS SQL, Sybase or soon (as they proclaim) Oracle. HIP uses Borland's Interbase and Sun's Java plus JBoss.

Now that Horizon can run on an the Linux kernel, this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities that can be accomplished. Although the entrepreneuring systems librarian would have to get around all the neuances/paths/shared libs/etc it is quite concievable to run Horizon on say Debian, or SuSE. But, with Linux binary emulation on BSD, you could try to run it on Free/Net/OpenBSD too.

What hits the stumbling block for Horizon is the database software. With only expensive databases to choose from, only two are really geared to run on Open Source unix, neither of which really support BSD as an Operating System to run on. Searching the Sybase site, one can find references to SunOS (derived from BSD), but usually in the context of migrating over to Solaris.

On Horizon Information Portal side, things are alittle different. Many HIP admins already know that the Information Portal uses the Open Sourced version of Interbase 6 for the administrative database, which was placed back into closed souce for subsequent releases. What admins might not know is that Firebird, the Open Source derived work from Interbase 6, is essentially 98% compatible with Interbase 6 (along with many bug fixes) and that Firebird can be easily found for Linux and FreeBSD. With Jboss as a .deb or .rpm package, and a port under FreeBSD, quite quickly and easily one could create a HIP portal server using the jboss source code from Dynix (under thier license of course), without emulation. And, if necessary, under emulation on NetBSD or OpenBSD.

All this assumes, of course, that the Java code that Dynix wrote is as portable as Java claims to be.

You can turn me upside-down and take all my change, but I think that is safe say that this reasoning, at least partly, is why Dynix does not offer the Linux version of either thier HIP or Horizon for download off their website. ;)


Does the client-side software run on RH? I couldn't find any mention of that on the website, but I hate Dynix's website anyhoo.

If the client software runs on RH, I am so setting up at least my machine as an experimental Linux box.

From what what I understand, yes Dynix has Horizon client tools for Linux.But, you'd specifically have to ask or have access to the client tools for RH, because they don't offer those for download either (as far as I am aware).BTW: I don't like the Dynix website either.

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