Single Issue Voting

I've decided to become a single issue voter, it's much easier this way. I could spend hours and hours poring over what the candidates say about this and that, worry about broken campaign promises, corruption and character, but who has the time? Not me, because I work too much, therefore I am declaring myself as a classic "single issue voter." Some people worry about abortion, others education, maybe it's libraries for you, but for me it's going to be "More Holidays."

With only a limited number of national holidays each year my paid days off are few and far between, I feel we all deserve more. We need at least one national holiday per month. Find me a politician that puts holidays on the national agenda, and you've got my vote.


Although I appriciate the simplicity of the approach. This upcoming Canadian Federal Election has many Canadians reeling, including myself. There was an editorial in our local paper recently that discused reasons for not voting. It wasn't apathy, it was like executing the right not to vote, a stance saying "I am not showing support [by not voting] for our current political because it does not work".

I'm the same way. Single issue voter. I thought long and hard between 45 million dead babies and more holidays, and decided to go with the unborn as my issue. Looks like your side is definitely winning this one.

Oh no, this is turning into an abortion debate.

I have to take the no more murdered babies issue if I become a single iussue voter.

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