frumpy bumpy grumpy librarian

That's me right now. I get over tired sometimes. The little dogs got me up at six on my day off to tell me they peed on the floor ten minutes earlier. How nice of the little dorks.

I am thinking of doing an entirely separate blog, on LISHost, of course. My husband and I briefly entertained the idea of setting the Compaq up as a server, but the only server softwares I am familiar with are Win Server 2003 and Apache. Okay, and 2k Pro, but that hardly counts. I prefer Apache, though it is a bitch to set up correctly (did it once, and nearly killed myself). I drove one of the poor moderator guys on Linux Questions bats, I think. I had a question every five minutes.

It was all an issue of actually noticing where I'd put Apache and all the components I wanted to run off it. The sick thing was, I was setting it up just to, well, entertain myself. I was out of school for the summer, not working, and bored silly. Is that the mark of a geek or what?

Win Server 2003 is fairly easy to run and administer, but I don't want to give Bill Gates more money than I have to.

Good sig file I saw:

Throw a rock at a Window, and look what happens. Throw a rock at a penguin, and look what happens?

I assume penguins move when one throws rocks at them, but last time I tried to test that theory the cops escorted me from the aquarium.

I do this journal for two reasons... I really like LISNews, and I want to chronicle my journey through young librarianhood, for me more than anyone. But I am thrilled that I have some people coming along and joining me for the ride. It helps a lot, actually.

It's a psychological thing, too. It helps to talk about Edna and the patron who damned an old woman to hell yesterday. It even helps for non-librarian stuff, like Small Blonde and Freaky.

Librarian moment of Zen: Swish is the sound of two eight foot yellow groove bamboo plants getting shoved in the back of a Prius. Yes, you can fit trees (or in this case, really long blades of grass) in the Prius.