my lovely boxes

They have this neat glowy-on switch. I didn't really want the fancy schmancy case, but it came standard, so I went for it on the new boxes. They certainly look high tech with their card readers and glowy bits.

I am less than pleased with a certain custodian. I understand that the air conditioner had to get fixed, and I understand the HVAC guy was right there. However, UPS was also right there with (let's just say) a lot of money's worth of computers just laying on the sidewalk for God and man to behold. UPS was not gentle in throwing them on the sidewalk. However, the custodian was less gentle. He was so flustered about one of the guybrarians yelling at him about the PCs being here that he scooped one up, not very carefully, and the box gave way and crashed on to the pavement. I almost threw up.

I'm pretty happy with what I see thus far. Horizon opens actually somewhat quickly with a gig of RAM and a faster processor. Not real quickly, but somewhat faster.

I had to call the very patient and sweet systems guy at the network twice about installing Horizon. With a little bit of tweaking I got it working correctly.

One down, nine more to go.

I have to try the burning capabilities out. Fortunately, the Lite-On products come with Nero (yay!) not Roxio. I hate Roxio. We have Roxio on our suck computer at home and it's hard to operate, I think. I much prefer the clean operation of Nero on the ubercomputer. Actually, I much prefer K3b in Linux on the ubercomputer, but hey.

My computer is nearly set up, except that I forgot to bring my Pocket PC software in. I installed 1.1.1 because I refuse to pay that much for a Microsoft product. It's compatible, it works nicely, and it doesn't cost anything.

So now I'm up to my ears in PCs and don't have the time to put them together like I'd like. I worked through lunch today (don't tell my boss) just so I could get mine squared away.