restarting the process

Do I know our filter or do I know our filter? The network restarted the service and gave me a different IP address to proxy through that is somewhat more reliable than the original.

This is a big day for me. PCs for Everyone! Yay! I do hope they arrive in the morning, because I am on the desk all afternoon.

Yesterday was pretty controlled. I threw some kids out of the basement stacks. They weren't up to anything... yet. But they were sort of wandering, and it's downright scary down there. They went up to the children's room, which was a little more age appropriate for them.

I let (gasp) a couple of kids get on the computer together. It's refreshing to see them sit down at InfoTrack and Google with index cards and books and honest to god really study. I certainly in good conscience couldn't stop that.

I will be so glad to replace the word processor with something that actually runs. I felt so bad for this woman last night. She had trouble with the Mac last week. This week, because the PC is on its last legs, she had some serious trouble with it. With Edna, when it happens, I don't feel too bad. But this woman... I felt horrible. She was so good natured about it, too.

Why is it, when people see all the computers in use, they think I'm going to kick someone off and give them a turn immediately? That's almost as amusing as when they park themselves in front of the GateKeeper and just sort of stare at the screen, as if the internet will magically appear. Or that watching the sign up will get people off faster.

Tonight I hope to post with tidings of great joy about my new PCs. Yay! I hope the company sends the invoice with them. I asked... twice.