I hope this isn't any indication of what today will be like

Submitted by shoe on Wed, 06/02/2004 - 11:56

I found a message in my bulk mailbox on Yahoo!:

Do you like to masturbate?

I wanted to respond:

I wear glasses, don't I?

I sure hope that isn't any indication of what today will be like.
I am in special collections today. It should be a nice quiet keel, compared to the issues we're facing in the main building. Perhaps it's time to bring the custodians back to act as bouncers in the library. The thing is, they can tend to get a little overzealous.
Choose your evil, shoe!
I haven't been in special, it seems, forever. I changed the toner in the microfilm machine a few weeks ago, and then I had to switch with someone because a class was coming in, then, of course, was my time in the big house.
Today I'm not going to worry about the fact that two of our catalog machines are being finicky, and I'm just going to concentrate on getting the bureaucratic stuff that comes with this job done.
Sometimes I like the bureaucratic stuff.
In a way, though, I do wish I was at reference today with the kids... I'd like to see their reaction to the Cooler software. I should probably burn off a note to people on reference when the kids inevitably come and tell them the computer's broken.
I wish I knew exactly the effect the software is going to have. It seems to block downloading/viewing of attachments, as well. Which is fine with me. The problem then? I didn't configure it to. I am glad it happened, I just wish I knew why. I am a big one for knowing why things happen.
The assistant director and I had a conversation. When the public kills the old staff PCs I put out, and the Mac TA is introduced, I think it's time that we purchase Macs for PACs. (Wow, does that sound like a grant name or what?) I really like the way you can limit and configure OS X. Why? Becauses it's UNIX! Mwahahaha! Plus, the design of an eMac is beautiful for public use. The old iMacs were good too, but they made them look a little too spiffy this time around and I'm afraid they'd break easier or get stolen. Mostly get stolen.
People just don't know what to do with Macs, at least, not in our community. My husband says, "That's usually not a selling point, you know." It may be true, but there are no disk drives to shove illegal disks or foreign objects in, no towers to kick... It's a thing of beauty.
Leave it to the library to make me a Mac person.
Macs for PACs. I like it.