Drag and Drop

Submitted by shoe on Tue, 06/01/2004 - 22:59

Thanks to kctipton for the subject line idea. Dragging and dropping is sort of how I feel right now. The new meds are making me sleepy and a little nauseous.
But I made it, and the internet is back. I don't think anyone put the math together that when I reappeared the internet soon followed.
I got Cooler working on the computers. I like it. I disabled all saving. So tomorrow, when the punk ass kids come in and try to send pictures of rappers and sneakers and god knows whatever else to each other, they'll get a brick wall.
For some reason, it's impossible to disable internet options on the computer... So I disabled the ability to change anything in it, or switch tabs in it, thereby saving the filter.
God knows we need a filter. Now we're finally getting the ballsy patrons in who'll say they're looking for porn.
Note to patron: Whipping the mouse really hard on the table does not speed up the processor. Sorry.
Maybe I'm just not thinking clearly, but I'm kind of at a loss. We're definitely having crowd problems at the library. Kids are using it as a hangout. You don't want to discourage anyone from using the library, of course, but the key word is using. When one is at the computer, they're using the library. When fifteen are at the computer, one is abusing the library equipment and fourteen are hanging out.
They also like to hide in periodicals. Hello. I moved some along today, but they go back. I hate to throw them out on the first offense. Perhaps, though, I should.
I miss my table in reference.
I put a sign on the printer that it's not to be turned off. For some reason, it does an endless self test, printing a solitary "E" on every page it sucks up if it's turned off then turned back on.