back to the grind

Today I go back to work. I'm a little nervous, actually. I always get jittery after I've been out for awhile, like after a vacation or whatever. This time was definitely a big "whatever."

I hope that they decide to take me off the desk so that I can get the computers up and running. Although now that I've figured out the Cooler software, it shouldn't take too long to configure everything.

I still think I am going to wait till four to bring it all back up. Our post-four pm patron crowd is considerably more mellow than our day crew.

I'm trying to figure out exactly how the kids that come in and save pictures to our hard drive do it. I've disabled saving in IE. I've disabled Ctrl-S. I've disabled Save As. I guess that right clicking should probably also be disabled. Anyone think of anything valid right clicking might be used for?

I know I accidently do it all the time. So used to Windowmaker.

Ah, I wonder what awaits me...


On the Mac there are some items that can be drug from a webpage right to the hard drive ("desktop"). Are your computers able to do this?

I can, but our patrons can't... gotta love Foolproof.