library - internet access = quiet

Submitted by shoe on Mon, 05/31/2004 - 11:41

I just got an email from the assistant director. Yes, we all are geeks and check our email on weekends.
He said he was glad I was feeling better and that the library has been quiet without internet... and that the staff enjoyed it thoroughly. Some patrons, I guess, were less than thrilled.
I do wish that we could have the ODBC module on the TA software... I might look into how much memory the server's motherboard can hold. We couldn't do it right away (it's a thousand bucks for the module!), but we could get more accurate readings on how many individual uses of the internet we get. And it would make one particular custodian who likes to complain about people leaving one time use numbers everywhere. He does have a point though. We look like a deli some days.
I am thinking of putting timed access on the word processors, but I'd have to put them in a different workgroup and make them for two hours. Then people couldn't reserve them, either. Perhaps it's not a good idea.
Last night I had a dream about patrons hugging me. I hate to be touched, especially by total strangers. Like, Edna, when she lost her document, tried to strangle me (she was kidding, of course, but still she touched me). Man it drives me nuts. So there was one patron in my dream who kept trying to hug me. On second thought, I really hope it wasn't my husband cozying up to me in bed. I talk in my sleep a lot and I remember saying to the patron, "Could you please back off?"
I have got to get DSL or some other high speed connection badly. My ISP has been connecting at about 30 Kbps on my 56K modem. When I open too many tabs in my browser (as I am wont to do) it mucks everything down and half my windows get timed out. As my husband would say, "It's craptacular."