work email

Submitted by shoe on Sun, 05/30/2004 - 11:59

I suppose it's good I couldn't have my wireless iPaq in the hospital, because all I would have done was check work emails... Well, and LISNews, of course, but the work emails probably would have caused an aneurysm or something. Everyone at work is great, of course, but the guy that we have to go to to get our TA software and print station stuff is a real piece of work. The guys at OCS, as always, are great.
It took me three months to get a stinkin' toner cartridge out of the printer guy and he's a town over. It takes, on average, three days to get the photocopier fixed. However, when I didn't get back to him in two days about purchasing the TA software, and OCS made moves (nicely, not aware that there was a problem on my end) to extend my license, he had a mini-hissy fit. At least, that's the tone I read into his email.
He said that this could be done much faster if he were kept apprised of what was going on.
Heh, perhaps I should send him my medical charts.
I wrote back to him, cc'ing the email to my boss, politely saying that sometimes life gets in the way, and that I was in the hospital and unable to check emails.
I wanted to add:

P.S.: What's your excuse been these last five months I've been dealing with you?

I am thankful for the long weekend to recover from the hospital, but I think I will be more thankful to return to work. I was actually sort of missing my patrons.
Well, some of them.
Also giving some thought this weekend to my dear friend and ex-co-worker, Ken Clark. Poor kenclark is stationed in Iraq this year. He was a bright spot in a job that totally sucked. I am worried about him (he was caught in a firefight the other day. Sheesh), but this is something I alternately think he either very bravely or foolhardily chose to do. Most of the time I think bravely.
He wrote to me last week and said he was expecting a wild month in Iraq. Let's hope he's wrong on this one.