Evil Eva

Submitted by shoe on Sat, 05/29/2004 - 23:42

The poll brought me some fond memories of high school. (Yeah, right, like there are any fond memories of high school)... Our high school librarian, Evil Eva.
My first run in with Evil Eva was in seventh grade. I didn't know her name was Evil Eva, she didn't introduce herself that way or anything... so I called her Truffle-Hunter, because she was very troll like in appearance. Okay, I am five feet flat, but I towered over Evil Eva. She also looked like one of the troll dolls that were real popular at the time... The nose, the eyes that looked frickin huge through the glasses, and the hair. I mean, it wasn't fluorescent pink and standing on end, but it was fairly big for an old broad.
So I went along calling her Truffle-Hunter till I was kindly corrected by Peggy M. that her name was really Evil Eva.
This was back in the day when they actually taught library skills in school. I am thankful for it now, and wish that school librarians had the time, funding and resources to be able to do that now. Hell, most schools are lucky to have libraries. But man was it hell at the time, especially with Evil Eva.
First off, she made us memorize the Dewey numbers. They didn't even do that at Simmons, dammit. Then she yelled at me because I asked the girl next to me why the entry on the card didn't have initial caps. (Ah, yes, that's me, anal retentive enough to wonder about this as a seventh grader). I got yelled at, and the girl next to me asked my question and got lauded for noticing. Double damn you, Evil Eva.
In eighth grade she taught us how to do research papers. She also had the second half of the library usage training, which I do so now appreciate. I kicked some serious ass on that section. I knew better than to ask the girl next to me any questions I had at that point. Nothing like the wrath of Eva. I had a 98 average for the end of the unit. I got praise showered upon me from her Evilness.
There were various run ins with Ms. Evil, MLS, for the next four years. She told me I couldn't graduate unless I paid my fine. Two cents. I was ripped about it at the time. I would have felt much better about it, honestly, had it been a dime.
Most of the teachers were frightened of her. Bad way to run a library, really. They would assign papers and suggest we go to the public library. They would avoid the library themselves. In fact, the only person that ever seemed to genuinely like Evil Incarnate was my eighth grade English teacher. She was one of those really PC people (and this was before PC was cool) who liked everybody, even if she really didn't like everybody. If you read me.
She retired the year after I graduated. The reign of terror had ended. God knows the history and language departments breathed a sigh of relief.
In other news:
Thank you all for your well wishes. I also got a get well card from my coworkers. They rock. You all rock.
And yes, I am an internet addict. All I could think was, jeez, why won't the doctor let me use the computer on his little cart in his office. That, and I really wanted to take apart the pulse oximeter. It certainly looked like it had a USB plug.