No, I didn't quit

Got to get a little rest and relaxation in the hospital getting my brain scanned and poked and vivisected and stuff.

I got a lot of reading done, since you sure as hell can't sleep in the hospital.

So far as I know, they have been without internet all week at the library. I had my husband call in with any thing I thought of that needed to be done while I was in the big house. If it makes the patrons feel any better (which I'm fairly sure it won't), the systems librarian was also without internet access.

Will resume normal journaling from here on out.


Your absence has caused some alarm in our household and we're glad you're alive and well. Please take care of yourself.Regards,Glen and family.

Though I'm sure you will miss the fare, I'm happy to hear of your "big house" departure. I must confess my sentiments are partly selfish.

Yes, you have hooked me with your journal.

I hope you are feeling better now!