Almost done

This Friday is IT! We are working until 6:00 pm (making up snow days), and I am counting down the seconds.

Hopefully, the seniors will behave themselves tonight. Last year, one student dragged in late. Really, dragged in. He was dragging his cowl behind him and wearing very large white basketball shoes under his robe and a sweat band on his head. We were in the downtown auditorium, and the security guards were obviously NOT doing their job. Then, during the ritual calling of names, one student handed the superintendent a condom. This year's seniors have had a talking to. If they do ANYTHING, they will be escorted off the stage the back way (we are outside on the football field this year) by a security guard and escorted away.

In the meantime, I am keeping my eyes open for any interesting positions in library/information/research/indexing/etc. No rush, just keeping my options open.

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