take the money and run

Submitted by shoe on Sun, 05/23/2004 - 01:08

I solved the server problem. Blush. After going back and forth and back and forth, I nailed down that the host file was missing. So I drafted a huge letter to tech support. Then I thought, damn, the license... I bet the license is maxed out. We were still on the trial period. So I switched back to the printing license and whamo! Works fine.
Well, no TA. And I'm sure as hell not putting the old fashioned sign up sheet back. Holy crud.
So I've got to nail down the prices and get the software this week.
Take the money and run, part deux.
We had a little incident where the patron claimed she already paid the overdue fine. She never gave me time to get to the bottom of it. She said, "I'll just pay it again." So she throws the money at me (throws it) and I pay it off and tell her it's paid off this time. Then she real quick grabs the money she so unceremoniously chucked at me, and runs out the door.
She literally grabbed the money and ran. I was shocked. She said something about that she couldn't see why we were making such a big deal over less than a dollar. I hope she realizes it takes two to tango and that she just swiped seventy five cents from us. If there were any shadow of a doubt in my mind that she had already paid off the fine, it's certainly erased after that behavior.
She will be upset when she returns to find she still owes us seventy five cents, even if she can present the receipt I gave her.
We are seriously lacking on books regarding ficus trees.
I actually used Dictionary of the Middle Ages today. What a cool reference source that is!