Technology Free Week--Working Saturday

Submitted by shoe on Fri, 05/21/2004 - 20:02

Tomorrow should be fun without the internet. I could enjoy it more, though, if I actually had a clue how to fix my problem. The Cooler software isn't such a big deal, I'll figure that out eventually, it's the fact that Windows Update totally fubared my server. At least, I think that's what happened. And it seems to be one of those updates that just... goes on to your hard drive and you can't uninstall it. You know the ones, the happy little globe with the Window on it. Fooking Windows.
Backups? Right. I do have backups, actually, but didn't occur to me to do it before the Windows Update. So I'd lose all my TA configuring.
Besides, it might not be Windows Update. The server was acting squirrely beforehand. First it was the printer software acting funny, then it was the blasted server that didn't want to recognize that I was starting a service. I'm concerned.
The server builder isn't real reputable in my book. They've given us shoddy boxes before. I'm fairly sure it's a software issue at this point though. But I'm not ruling out anything. Between multiple meetings yesterday and several hours on the desk, it was only 5:30 before I realized that, yes, all our computers are having problems. Ah, the joys of many hats.
On top of that, the problem seems to be the client, not the server. At least from the error messages I'm getting on the client. Hmmmph.
Doing a pretty good job, for me, not thinking about it today. This is the first time I seriously gave it any thought.
Being Saturday, I'll have no time to get anything done really. And it's all over for me if I have to contact OCS's tech support. They work Monday through Friday. I honestly don't forsee any internet access before Tuesday, at the earliest.
I know we offer internet as a service, and it's good to consistently offer the service, but sometimes we have to go down. My once a month computer maintenance day is necessary, which I don't think people realize. And I can't help it when something blows in town and we lose the internet server at the network. I have no control over that.
I finally had one guy that had a clue say to me, "Can I get the catalog even though you don't have internet?"
The internet itself isn't affected... it's the print server and the Timed Access module. Like I said, everyone can ping everyone else. It's a messed up initialization file somewhere I have to find and fix, I think. I think. That's the theory I'm going on now anyway.
But putting the computers up with no timed access and no printing is like throwing them to the lions.
I also have a mouse that needs to be replaced. How long do mice last at your library? Ours last, on the PACs, on average, about three months. Ball mice don't last quite as long, but are cheaper. Opticals last a little longer, but I've caught kids (and adults) picking them up and staring into the the red laser. Ahem.