a nice quiet day ahead

Submitted by shoe on Thu, 05/20/2004 - 12:13

How do I know? I am taking down the internet terminals! I am taking down the whole server, actually. I am hoping a gentle reset reminds it has to work correctly, not just work. I also had some of my tamper proof software delivered, so I'm going to tweak some settings with it. Disable a menu or two.
Because there was not plenty of advanced warning (my software came yesterday, and I'm so sick of the daily gathering around the computers I thought there was no time like the present) I am sure there will be complaints about my taking down the internet terminals all day. That's what they say... "It's going to take you all day to do that?" Yes. It is.
The truth of the matter is, I have three, maybe four hours to tweak to my liking. The server's gone AWOL on me, too. I think it needs a simple restart to jerk things back in motion, but I have a deep seated fear the problem is more serious. For some reason, our printer is working oddly with the software... all of a sudden. I'm fairly sure it's on the software's end.
The rest of the time, I'm doing librarian stuff like being on info or reference. Both jobs are much easier without the internet. Ahem.
Speaking of internet, I am having some stupid internet troubles at home, too. I know it's my crappy dial up connection, which I test to the max. I really should invest in broadband. Really.
Tomorrow is my Friday off. Yes! For some reason, this week was very taxing. I guess I did do a lot, between computer orders and the situation with our resident evils exploding. And the printer exploding, as well.
Evidently the springs that came out of the printer aren't terribly important, because it's working fine without them. I changed the toner, and all seems well. I am beginning to think that the springs came from the toner cartridge, since it wasn't readily apparent what they popped off of. And it would explain why the whole top popped up. It was really quite disturbing.