little do these kids know

And I think little does some of the staff know... That the assistant director is about three inches from pulling the plug from the internet terminals after school. At least that's my sense of it. He's a little ticked about the whole congregating in reference to stare at computer screens from a distance.

I'm a little ticked myself. I mean, I let them get away with a lot... probably more than I should. I figure if they're sitting at the reference table (not at the computer desks), and don't have their chairs twisted all the way around, it's okay. If they're talking somewhat quietly, it's okay. If they come over and say hi very briefly to their friend on the computer, I'm even okay with that. It's when they kneel there, or stand there, for more than about thirty seconds. Maybe I'm being too lenient.

I just feel like the internet nazi ("No internet for you!") and I feel like some people aren't backing me up on it. There are other people that will let chairs be pulled up to the computer desks. I mean, maybe I should buckle down that if you want to sit at the reference table and wait for a computer, you have to be reading a book. It wouldn't be unreasonable.

The truth is, I fear the wrath of the administration more than I fear the wrath of these little punkasses.

It's not even that some of them are necessarily bad kids, they're just kids who will press the limits. Because they're kids. Some of their non-regular library friends though... very bad kids.

I guess the problem is they're hanging out, and we don't want to be a hangout. Perhaps I should limit the computer to a half hour between 2-5. It would be hard to enforce, though. It would have to be enforced by circ, and they've got other things to do and are quite busy during that time period. The library card system would lend itself to that much more easily than the one time use number system. But perhaps it's worth a try.

I had a gentleman ask me the other day why he couldn't use his cell phone, but these kids could do the things they do. And he's right. Then he wanted to know why I moved the "nice, quiet, one hour" internet terminal. And I told him, honestly, it was so that we could keep an eye on it. I told him unsavory things were found on it from time to time. And he, equally honestly, said, "But the Access Denied window comes up when I go to those sites!"

Some people are too honest for their own good.

The Google Images loophole filter has been found by our YA kids. They take safe filtering off and can get pornographic Simpsons cartoons. Sigh.