Google ads and miscellany

These are the tabs I have open in Opera: Yahoo! mail, LISNews, and my work email... and I keep getting banner ads for gay singles. The best I can figure is it's centering in on some spam I got in Yahoo. Or perhaps Google thinks it knows something about me that I don't.

I can get a discount on my computers because we're a government agency. Yay! PCs for Staff! Not for everyone! Mwahahahahaha.

I have a little mood problem today. I don't particularly feel like a nice person. I have a feeling I know what my schedule is going to be, and I am sort of half hoping I'm not on reference from 2-3:30. All I can think of is the last lyric of the System of a Down song "Sugar." For some reason, that lyric always just cracks me up. Sometimes I can so relate, though I've never acted on it. I'm not really writing from prison or anything. (I predict some Google searching in the future of LISNewsters not familiar with SOAD.)


Right now the google ads that I'm seeing on LISNews are all for orchid supplys. A week or so ago, it was all internet filtering products. The ways of google are clearly inscrutable.

but could someone else be using that account (windows 9x/me) or perhaps there was one night you forgot to logout properly? Purging the cookies is always a good idea once and awhile.

I also have found that my staff inadvertately install various types of spyware on the computer: gaim, savenow, precision time, datemanager, etc. Try> or> to to check and if necessary to remove them.

Cool Websearch> has been usefull for restoring corrupted IEs.