building computers

So I've settled on PCs For Everyone. PCs for Everyone, yay! I really want to put together a custom system, because their packages are either a little underpowered or a lot more than we need. But the custom systems I put together, are, of course, more than the packages I am putting together. For, in some cases, less computer.

I just am someone who hates a wimpy ass power supply. And hard drives with 2MB cache.

The hard drive is where I'm getting soaked. I'm trying hard to keep it under $900 without monitor.Right now I've got a good system at $907. I'm wondering if I should leave mouse and keyboard off since I can get them cheaper from newegg. Free shipping usually at newegg too. Newegg, yay! I'm not too proud to order a $5 mouse from Newegg or Tiger Direct. Hell yeah!

Perhaps I'll check out the deals at Newegg and Tiger Direct today...

Computer shopping is fun!


Tell 'em what you want to do, and maybe they'll meet the price. They _are_ a local business AFAIK, and you could promise to let people know that they put together the computers (perhaps with a mention on the library website).