the decision is almost made, and the ubercomputer is fooked

I don't know what it is with the ubercomputer. It won't let me on several webpages, including LISNews. Tried everything I could think of to reset the mofo, but to no avail. Thought perhaps it was my ISP's end, but I'm on the piece o' crap Compaq and can get LISNews just dandy.

Neither Opera (btw, Opera 7.50 for Windows is out, and it sucks! I much prefer the Linux version) nor the dreaded IE will allow me to view three webpages in particular.

After the computer week I had, I figure I'll worry about it next week. Which will hopefully be a week free from Edna, the patron from hell.

No, she wasn't in yesterday, but a patron was in who hadn't "used one of these things in years." She kept referring to the mouse as "that little doober." Yeah. She was very nice, and not terribly demanding.

I've always liked the joke: User error. Replace User and strike any key. That's all I could think of yesterday with the Gatekeeper software. People, if they still have time left when they're done using the computer, think they're doing others a favor by leaving their timer running. I guess they figure they're being nice and giving a few extra minutes. In all reality, it fooks everything up.

Inevitably, the next in line jumps on the computer, and uses the last ten minutes. However, five minutes into that ten minutes, their reservation comes up on another computer. Then they completely lose their reservation. I had to explain that to a lady yesterday who kept insisting she hadn't used her number. I know she hadn't. Someone's going to get real upset the day that someone isn't at reference to watch the whole process and figure out what happened, because their request for a second number will get denied.

I have reached a decision, I think, in where I am getting PCs (I hope). The winner is probably PCs For Everyone. It's pretty local. It's pretty cheap. And they use some good quality parts. I'm not real sure about the RAM manufacturer (they have some real duds on their pull down list), but their motherboards are good. And I tested them... It didn't say whether the RAM was parity or non-parity, so I wrote and asked. The response was quick and very pleasing: if I wanted to use parity RAM, I'd need this motherboard for this particular chipset. They seem to know what they're talking about.

I am a little nervous about using a major computer manufacturer like Dell or HP or (cough) Compaq because they use proprietary parts. There's something nice about being able to open the case, whip out the power supply, and know the one I'm putting in can be any ATX form fitting model.

Also, a little nervous because I know computers from major manufacturers are absolutely under powered. If you're getting 250 watts with half decent power supply, you're lucky. Granted, we're not going to be doing any power gaming at work. Or intense graphics work. But I want to know the system has enough juice to burn CDs and run Horizon.

I wonder how Horizon runs on P4 chip? Most of our computers are either Celerons or P3s. Heh. I put together something similar to the ubercomputer. Totally unnecessary for work, but i would probably chop chop chop through Horizon nicely.