I get to go computer shopping! Whether we actually can purchase what I'd like, I don't know, but I'm a little psyched.

One thing I require is a CDRW. I think it's silly to have computers without CDRW drives. These machines would be for use where needed. Right now, for me, where needed screams staff.

Someone managed to make the Google toolbar frickin' huge in Safari. So I made it go away. Granted, it was just because it was annoying the patron who comes in to shop on ebay, but hey.

So where have you all gotten your computers from? I'm looking locally and thinking Gateway. Our Dells have been faithful (although I've heard horror stories) but I really like Gateway's packages. Of course, the most annoying patron in the world suggested PCs For Everyone, who is local, and I'll be damned if they don't use what looks to be pretty good parts. I have a soft spot for ASUS motherboards. I was investigating them when Horizon broke again.

So what am I doing on my lunch hour? LISNewsing and checking out PCs For Everyone.



I just get DEll now. I don't see a big difference in products and the few times I've called with a problem they've been easy to contact and very responsive.

They're about to go out of business IMHO. HP and Dell are probably your best bets. The Wall Street Journal just had an article about those two going at it in the PC market -- and HP is outduelling Dell at the moment.

I think you are pretty tech saavy, so I'd just buy whatever is cheapest that has the features you want. If Gateway is going out of business, they are probably offering great deals!

I bought a HP CDRW and two HP computers recently. All three had something wrong with them, which was pretty annoying. I returned the CDRW, the video card in one desktop was dodgy from day 1 and they refused to send me a new one and the plastic button to open the cdrw drive broke on the other computer the first time I pressed it.

So why do I keep buying HPs? Good question - maybe I'm not saving as much money as I thought!

I've been hearing that Gateway was going out of business for two years now. They're still a multibillion-dollar company, and have one of the two or three best-selling plasma TVs in the US.
And, actually, with their merger with eMachines, they're now third-largest in U.S. sales, behind Dell and HP/Compaq.

I'm prejudiced. I've owned Gateways ever since I started buying MS-DOS PCs (my first two books were written on CP/M PCs, going WAY back), and I've always liked the company and the PCs. We even bought a little stock when it went public--and, of course, failed to sell at 18 times what we paid for it. It's now worth almost exactly what we paid for it.

Dell offers lower prices, because they tend to strip their default configurations; Gateway's configurations tend to start out more complete. That said, back when I compared the two directly every month, there was rarely more than a 5% price/value difference

It's hard to go too far wrong these days, as long as you pay attention to the monitor quality, keyboard quality, mouse quality (optical, OF COURSE), the sheer noise made by the unit, and an appropriate balance. You might want to consider whether you should get a multiformat DVD burner--a little slower burning CDs, but you then have more options. (I do NOT have a DVD burner, so I'm not in this game yet.)

(If I haven't mentioned HP much, maybe it's because I remember the HP Way, and HewPaq/Compard doesn't have it any more. Too bad.)

Yeah, I'm not particularly fond of HP or Compaq (although I've owned two Compaqs in my day... one really gimpy laptop and this one I'm on right now, because the ubercomputer is being tempermental). They do offer some good deals, from time to time. And I do like HP printers.

Because the library likes to buy local, and because I can open up the case without voiding the warranty (yay!) I am liking the looks of PCs for Everyone.