A culmination of events

Almost led to a certain patron getting mauled by the systems librarian last night.

We'll call her Edna. Edna is a pain in the butt, and every one knows it. But I find it hard to say to her, "Edna, you're a pain in the ass." Too many years in retail, too polite, too damn stupid, I don't know what my problem is.

She breaks everything. Everything. I don't know what this woman does. Mostly breaks her own floppy disks. I think she must give off this magnetic force that justs fuglies them all up. So she spent an hour breaking disks in my word processor, and then blaming my word processor. Granted, the word processor is not the best by any stretch of the imagination, but no one... no one... has these problems like she does.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. She said she heard a computer guru say that even if something is deleted from a disk, it's not really gone. In some cases, of course, you know, this is true. But for all intents and purposes, I can't get it back. Yes, her file is probably still on the hard drive or floppy unless something has been saved over that sector of disk, however, unless Edna wants to buy my hard drive and take it to a company that does file recovery, it is, for all intents and purposes, gone.

It is partially my fault, though. I get too wrapped up in trying to figure out exactly what the hell happened to the computer that I tend to lose sight of perspective... I need to solve the computer problem. God help me. I am with tech support like I am with Sims.

I threw some thugs out yesterday. Feared my life was in danger... seriously.

Sims 2 release date announced! September 17th. Woo hoo.


I think the only worse thing than someone KNOWING something can be done but doesn't know how, is someone who KNOWS that you can do something, but you WON'T do it out of personal animus. As though it's more entertaining to listen to them wheedle and/or threaten you for hours on end rather than giving them what they want so they will go away.

I know this isn't your file situation, but back when I worked in libraries that offered word processing, I would get A LOT of patrons who would come running up to the desk saying that their disk had been wiped clean of their resume, letter, whatever. I'd go back to the lab, asked them to show me how they tried to get at their file. They would go to File -> Open and nothing would show for "word" file types. I'd change the file type to "all files" and lo and behold, a whole bunch of files named steve.res, steve.let, and so on. Usually this elicted thanks and gave me an opportunity to educate people on file naming.

I know it won't help with Edna, but maybe it'd be fun to post some phone numbers for Data recovery services in your computer area. "Data back for only $10/K!"