The High Cost Of Hosting LISNews

Submitted by Blake on Wed, 05/12/2004 - 17:43

Today was the last day I had to get LISNews moved over to the new server, and though today isn't over, the fat lady has sung for the month of May. This puts me in a bad spot, financially. Here's the long version of this story…

LISNews was on a big shared (Sun OS) server at Pegasus Web Hosting for a few years, until December of 2002, when I finally felt confident enough in my Linux skills that I'd be able to maintain my own server. The idea was I'd move LISNews to a dedicated server, and sell space to a few other folks to cover as much of the $180 a month as I could. That idea did actually work, the server pays for itself (I'm not counting the time I put in). 2 months ago I bought a new server (Red Hate Enterprise) because the operating system on the old server (Red Hat 7.3) had reached the end of life from Red Hat, which means no more official Red Hat updates. The new server should have updates for a few years to come, so I shouldn't need to make any more moves for quite awhile, which is great, because the move was a royal pain, and took way too long to finish. So, I moved everyone from the old server, to the new, except me, LISNews is still running on the old server. It turns out Slashcode does not play nice with Apache2, and RHEL, which means even if I can figure out how to get Slashcode to run on the new server (which I am very unsure of at this point), I'd still be paying for 2 servers ($360/month) for at least another month, which really puts me in the hole. I love LISNews, but I need to draw the line now, and start begging for money, or I'm going to need to sell a kidney to pay for this soon.

What I'm currently thinking is see if I can raise enough money (by just asking for donations from the LISNews readership) to pay for the second server for the remainder of this year (9 months counting April @$180 a month) and just leave LISNews sit on it's own server, which is where Slashcode really likes to be anyways (does not play well with others). Maybe by the end of the year there'll be some updates to Slashcode and I can easily move it over to LISHost, or maybe I can just leave it be, and try to raise enough money to again pay for the server next year.

So, here's my question... can I possibly raise $1620.00? Would you kick in a buck or two? That seems like a heck of alotta money to ask for, but I think I've reached the point where I can no longer afford to pay for this all on my own. So, anyone think there's enough good will amongst the LISNewsterz to get the server paid for through the rest of the year? At this point it's only an idea, but one I think I am going to go with. Even if I can raise part of that, it'll buy me more time to get things moved to the new server.

(footnote: The googleads will help defray that cost a little bit, but click through rates are almost 0, so it's not something I can count on. I often think I should just take them off the site, but I suppose even $20 a month is something)