lots of fun librarian tasks on the plate

My exhibit is mostly up. I got the thumbs up on it from my supervisor. The sign, which is huge, is a little cheery for my tastes, but it's hard to make things somber with bright yellow construction paper. It does draw the eye though, and I suppose that's good.

There's something rewarding about all the old men gathering around and taking books that I put on display off the shelves and looking at them.

I couldn't find a proper display case for the newspaper with the VE Day headline, so I took a microfilm print of it and blew it up so it shows the cartoon and the headline as it pertains to our town. Then I mounted it on posterboard and hung it. It looks pretty cool.

I also get to do my first real bout of bibliographic instruction tomorrow, which involves taking a bunch of advanced placement kids from the high school and showing them where the US History reference books are. Since I know it's inevitable that some of them will go online for research, I'm going to show them how Infotrac works as well. I do wish we had some better databases for that sort of search, but it never hurts to publicize Infotrac. I threw together a little sheet on how to properly assess the credibility of a website. I'm just full of goodies.

Also get to schmooze for the library next week. Hey, it's a good thing. The event deals with Chinese culture, which fascinates me. So I am looking forward to it. I'm not much of a schmoozer. I'm actually pretty shy.

I am a reference book slut. I love getting catalogs filled with reference books to look at. I love the feel and the smell of reference books. Sometimes it's debatable how readable they are, but hey. They make me feel so smart.

Now I have a confession to make: as we speak, I am downloading the Sims 2 BodyShop. It's going to take all night. I have (cough) dial up. Don't tell. I have a 56K modem, which is now connected at a whopping 33.2K. It's pretty pathetic, all round. Pathetic I'm downloading the Sims 2 demo, pathetic that I have dial up, and pathetic that my modem doesn't even connect at a decent speed.

Today I saw the coolest parent ever. She left in the middle of story time with her two kids... I was at info. I heard her little cherub ask, "Why are we leaving?" and mom said, "Because you couldn't be quiet. I am so disappointed." I think it's cool that mom has the wherewithal to carry through with humane discipline on her children, and the courtesy to remove them and not disrupt story time for the other little cherubs. Way to go mom.


I'd get it for you (I have DSL) and mail it to ya. I'm sure you can find a friend in town who'd do that for you...

Thanks... I wish you lived in town! Alas, I downloaded it last night, and slept to the whir of the ubercomputer's copious fanage. Failing that, my husband was going to do it at work today and burn it to a CD. But I wanted to play with it before I went to work today. I'm so bad.

LOL. You're an addict!;-) I didn't even know it was posted up for download. Please be sure to post a little review of it for those of us who are also addicted but haven't even crappier connections (like me).