another one for the baby book

I am working on my first exhibit, which is an extension of an outside exhibit on World War II we're having. I have something in local history I'd love to put in it, but I'd want it under glass or something. It's the local newspaper on VE Day. It's in pretty rough shape, but viewable, and definitely shouldn't be overly handled (or opened). If we had a small glass case that would ideal, but that's probably asking too much. What would Nicholson Baker say? Jeez, newspaper lasts forever! Riiiight.

Yesterday I had a woman yell at me, literally yell at me, because local history wasn't open. What a peach. It's like, hello... I told her that we weren't over there all the time due to lack of funding, which she said was "ridiculous" (loudly) several times (loudly). I thought, "Tell me about it."

I got to dole out some of my trademarked sweet internet justice yesterday. I take a little too much pleasure in that, really. The usual suspects were all gathered round, looking at women online and periodically smacking each other with the mouse at the computer. I got pissed, and told them to stop. They didn't. I shut them down. Talk about taking your life into your hands. I have to say this is the first time they connected that I did it. They got very angry and called me on it. Said they were doing homework. I said they weren't, and that they know the policy and I gave them plenty of warning, which they chose to ignore.

They left in a huff.

I predict another week of having to do that before they learn.

It's going to be a hot one today, and the library's air conditioner is broken (sigh). Doesn't that constitute a health hazard? I should be checking the temps in the telecom room. I'm a little glad that the server isn't down there during this stint of warm weather and no a/c.


Hehe, they abuse the equipment, they get thrown off. It's very fair.