why I hate Mondays

Not just because it's Monday. It's the double edged sword of working late... It's nice to have the morning, but man, once about eleven o'clock hits, I'm ready to go to work... and once about five o'clock hits, I'm ready to go home.

Today I get to spend some time on reference, the peak hours of 2-3:30. I expect I will spend it shooing the usual suspects away from the computers. My husband asked me why it has to be one to a computer. Honestly, I do make exceptions to that rule... Husbands and wives that come in, or someone with computer experience that is helping someone with no experience. These kids though, gather around like it's a tv at a sports bar. I have a problem with that. Besides the fact they tend to wander and look at what other people are doing. That bothers the hell out of me. Journal aside, I'm a pretty private person and I know that having people staring blankly at my screen while I worked would annoy the beejeebies out of me.

Actually, I don't mind Mondays otherwise. They're not much different than any other day of the week. I am not overly fond of Wednesdays, for the same reason as Monday, actually. That and I'm still not exactly comfortable with local history.

We have someone I suspect wants to steal something in local history coming in at some point in the future. He's come in and dropped a few hints in the past. It makes me a little uneasy.


Kids came in all sleepy-eyed and calm. It was the most peaceful day of the week.

Everytime I hear someone complain about Mondays, I can't stop singing "I Don't Like Mondays"80smusiclyrics.com> by the Boomtown Rats. Sure it's about a girl who goes berserk at school, but it is a catchy tune.

"The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload.

Nobody's gonna go to school today. SHe's going to make them stay at home."