put in for time

I put in for time during the month of July. I don't know if I'll get it. I'm trying to save some time to visit the inlaws in fall (road trip to Florida... I wish I could say I was excited to go, but even in as cool a car as the Prius, it's pretty tough to get excited about that drive) and of course the week or so I'm going to need to take when the Sims 2 comes out. I'm really hoping they announce the release date during E3 this year.

I am trying to find a nice way of reporting the little incident between the custodian and the patron that happened yesterday. I just wish he hadn't taken justice into his own hands. It seems like it should be such a little thing, but it's a problem. I don't want it to sound like a power struggle between him and I (believe me, I get along with him better than most of the staff), but there is a power struggle involved here. Whether it's between the employee and management or the employee and the public, who the hell knows.

Still trying to think of new and creative ways that we could publicize our Gatekeeper feature. I think something should go on the website, definitely. The best I can figure is maybe a nice big colorful sign (yet another damned sign, sigh) over the terminals that are being used pointing the patron to the Gatekeeper. I do wish there was another way. We have more signs than a... than a... place with a boatload of signs.