a likely story

Today a young lady came in looking for information on coral reefs. She immediately went to the internet terminal. I asked her if that was specifically what her assignment called for, because we had plenty of good books on coral reefs, and she said her teacher told them to use the internet.

Why? Unless this was an exercise in finding appropriate websites and search techniques, what the hell is the point of using the internet to look up something as ubiquitous as information about coral reefs? Damn, I wish we had as many coral reefs in the world as we do books about coral reefs in the library.

My husband says that for someone that loves computers and the internet, I sure hate computers and the internet. It's sort of true. There's just a time and a place for everything. Turns out this little girl couldn't get on the internet because she didn't have her parents' permission. But she could have easily checked out a book. Or photocopied her necessary information from one, in the off chance she didn't have a library card.

I was asked if we had any printers in the library today that were post-1930 models. I had to laugh. Most people don't even recognize our printer as a printer.

There is a certain staff member I'd like to throttle for his, er, tactlessness with patrons. Instead of coming to me and complaining (as per usual) about someone who made an honest mistake and got on the wrong computer, he went to her, spoke to her (tactlessly), then followed her to the circ desk, where he tactlessly began trying to explain the situation to the circ staff. Meanwhile voices are getting raised (both his and the patron). Finally she came to me and I had to deal with a (rightly so) pissed off patron. It was all so unnecessary.

This guy shouldn't even be on the floor, for pete's sake. He's got no customer service skills. I suppose it's not his job... But then, neither is policing the friggin' internet. It all could have been avoided if he'd come to me first.

I was cheesed at the whole situation.

On the plus side, I had some really nice little cherubs in today. Seriously. They sat and read. I like little cherubs like that.