what I hate about being in the little cherubs' room

The one thing I hate about being in the children's room, besides the children, of course, is making sure the children are authorized to use the internet. It's because the regular children's librarian and her trusty assistant know by sight who is and who isn't, and when you ask the kids for their cards or names or whatever, they look at you like you have two heads. Of course, I give off this aura anyway.

Ah yes, the aura. It's something akin to the "Don't let them sense your fear. They know when you're afraid of them and it makes them nervous" that I used to hear when I started horseback riding lessons as a kid. The kids sense my uneasiness with them, and they think... Well, you know, I don't know what they think. Adults I can sometimes read. Kids... they're just beyond me.

Speaking of kids, we're thinking of giving our eight foot carpet python away as a wedding gift to our friends. Including her phone booth sized cage. I feel she doesn't get the attention she so deserves, and honestly, I'm more into the little, more handleable snakes at this point.