Dude, where's my porn?

Last night, I am told, someone finally did it. Someone came in and asked why he couldn't get to his favorite porn sites on internet terminal one when he always used to be able to do it. Not to sound crass (and pun definitely intended) but jeez, that takes some balls.

Now I am sorry I missed it. But I wasn't well, nor was my husband (and come to think of it, the dog barfed on the floor too).

Today it was like all the annoying patrons got together and said, "Let's come in at eleven when shoe is on!" The patron who breaks everything was in, bodily throwing herself in front of the patrons who were in line before her for my attention in making her computer act correctly. I made her wait. Sheesh. Then the other gentleman was in who kind of smells sort of funny (sometimes) and is really good about leaving his books everywhere. Since he's not mobile, or overly mobile, I don't mind getting books for him once in awhile. However, when he starts asking you to hunt around for a particular issue, and take it from other people, then it gets annoying.

On the plus side, I got some great reference questions today concerning some maritime laws. Except that we have no books on maritime laws in our library. I helped out as best I could, including giving a tutorial on how to best search Google, but I felt inadequate. Especially when the woman said, "We'll ask when we go to the BPL. They'll know what to do."

Of course, I knew what to do to. Not go to the tiny public library looking for specialized information. Perhaps we'd have this if we were located on the Cape. The best I could do was refer her to BPL's Government Documents. You'd think it would have been something I could find on Mass.gov or something. To no avail, however. I searched for an hour and a half. We did have a great discussion about ships though.

Mac timed access in June. Still no word on when Sims 2 ships.


Our IT department is intermittently throwing the switch on Websense for staff computers before unleashing it on patrons. Admittedly, I was busted doing not strictly library work by looking at LISNewsterGreat Western Dragon'scharter.net> page and clicking through his links. I tried clicking on a link named Purple Pussy, out of morbid curiosity, wondering if it was porn or some weird librarian cat site. Websense told me that it was porn (and a check at home verified it). So, I commenced to start a test of websense and found that it both over and underblocks (surprise). Among sites that are overblocked are BathroomJokes.combathroomjokes.com> and a Kaiser Family Foundation site on teen sexual safety (the content of which can be accessed through their partner sites like MTV and BET--go figure).

We have SurfControl on what looks to be the loosest setting. A lot of stuff gets through that probably shouldn't... But the good news is that doesn't block any safe sex, rape support, or breast cancer sites.

Then there are those grey areas for me... the sex change site I saw that was edumacational, (or at least not there to be outrightly gawked at for jollies) but had a huge picture of a woman's anatomy with no context on the front page... Personally I would have been okay with it had it had a caption explaining something... like, this is so and so after reconstructive surgery.

But that would be a site I'd have a real problem blocking... I don't want to block someone from reading about sex changes should they so desire.

The site the gentleman was going to was an adults personal site for swinging and such. So it did in fact post pictures, and SurfControl did in fact legitimately block it. Of course, like a ninny I just went to the web address to check it out. Pop ups suck.

I'm going totally OCD on this filter thing. This morning we discovered that you can get to Howard Stern's site, but not Mancow's. Mancow is listed as blocked in the "Sex" category. What the fu..?

There's something totally wrong about that... I know that my library is mainly concerned with outright graphic sexual material. Which I'm not sure, but I think neither site has really anything outwardly, well, nasty.

Having said that, now actually goes to check:

I just switched tabs to see Mancow's girl pictures, and they're banned till further notice from his site anyhoo (I'm at home, unfiltered). Howard Stern, while some people find him objectionable (I personally think he's a riot most of the time) has nothing really raunchy (at least, photo wise) on his site anyway. So I'm not sure about Websense, but Surfcontrol wouldn't block Howard Stern.

Mancow seems to have a lot racier stuff, actually. He also uses annoying ass frames and Flash, and that makes me want to filter him like mad (heh).

Personally, I think neither site should be filtered, as neither seems particularly hardcore. Or really even softcore, at this point. Offensive in other ways? Maybe.

Wish your guys luck tweaking Websense. It looks like decent software, the trick is just finding the middle ground where it actually works like decent software, and not like a straight jacket.

Hee, happy surfing today. If you find any other interesting blocks, please do share. It will be interesting to see what SurfControl has to say about it...