Me Meme

1. Owns a cat? Yes. My 18-year-old grandma kitty.

2. Drives small sensible, economical car? Sorry. Infiniti Q45, 1988 Mercedes SL500. I did have a lovely little Miata there for a while.

3. Wears comfortable, sensible shoes? Yup, stereotypically Birkenstocks.

4.Reads constantly? Constantly is too hyperbolic. However, as a leisure activity, it is probably number one on my list.

5. Never goes out? Probably too much for a woman in my position.

6. Sexually inexperienced? Do I get bonus points for saying I'm a virgin? Even if I'm not?

7. Friends are all librarians? Not even.

8. Could care less about fashion? In my setting I am known for a style all my own.

9. Leans to the left when it comes to politics? If by left you mean putting actual money and time to eradicate the current adminstration, you bet.

10. Was a nerd in high school. I grudgingly guess not. Not the popular crowd for sure (and who'd want to be?) but the arty crowd.

11. Wears hair in a bun? Sure, when I have long hair. Currently I'm down to about and inch and a half.

12. Is constantly covered in dust? Not me. The shelves? Yes.

13.Librarian by day/Bacardi by night? Martinis are my poison.

14. Do you wear glasses? Yes, the most fabulous Theo.

15. Are you female? Yes.

16. Abilities in the yarn arts? No, but the bead arts are a current obsession.


Coolies...another beader! What types of things do you bead?

Hey there! I am sorry to report that I haven't had time to do a whole lot lately, though last weekend I made a peyote stitch bracelet. You know, it takes an hour an inch for me, so that is quite the committment!

I also do wire wrapping all kinds of jewelry. I'm never at a loss for a gift for a female! I've been threatening to sell some, but I'm such a horrible salesperson, I know this probably won't happen...

How 'bout you?