Burn that Burnin' Software

I have alot of machines to prepare this year. Our upcoming move to Horizon has us running around like a chicken with our heads cut off, no kidding around.

So, in an effort to make things easier for myself (yah right, eh?), I asked an recieved a new DVD-Burner, Symantec Norton Ghost, along with Nero 6 OEM. I figure, why monkey around with serveral CDs of an XP image with two office suites and extra software, when all that will fit on one DVD?

As easy as it sounds, yes? Actually yes, unless you decide to take it one step farther.

In my case, I not only wanted to have all of the ghost images on dvdrw and have it bootable, I wanted the install process to *almost* input free. This is where a custom boot disc is needed, an extra file needs to be on the DVD, and thus the standard ghost bootable image creation is just not quite enough.

This is where Nero comes in. Or would come in, had it actually supported DVD writing on the LG GSA-4081B. Nope, according to this page only the model below, the GSA-4040B is supported writing in DVD mode. Come on, I thought generic atapi support was easy enough to do, and if the product can actually make a data dvd, then why can't the generic atapi support make that dvd? But I was wrong, and out of making a completely custom bootable DVD SysPrep'd ghost image. But where to turn?

First I tried cdrecord, a commonly used burning application in the unix world to make cds. Even a port exists of the latest cdrecord to run on Win32 systems and cygwin. It works, but not to burn DVDs. Then I tried ProDVD from the same page, but it only supports burning images up to 1gigabyte for personal use, unless you get some kind of key (that I guess you had to write the author for). I knew of GrowISOfs, but could not find a suitable win32 port of it (if you know of one, add a comment and let me know, I would be most interested in trying it).

But, I do have a copy of the latest Knoppix handy. I figured, maybe it can burn using growisofs. So, I grabbed a spare hard drive from my local parts cabinet, hooked it up to my workstation to copy the ghost images from the dvd onto the hard drive. Grabbed a machine I was win98 prep'ing for Internet Browser Terminals, slapped the spare hard drive and dvd burner into it, popped the Knoppix CD into the CDROM drive that was already there and presto! Instant data DVD burning machine via free software.

More work than it was worth? Likey. Took up too much of my valuable time. Time spent of monkeying with different DVD burning software, and finding out the hard way not to reverse the 80pin UDMA133 hard drive cable (no wonder why one end is colour coded, you dunce!:).

To finish up the long story, the bootable DVDROM created under Knoppix Debian Linux via K3B Works like a charm. I wonder if I can find a spare P2 machine around here so I can slap knoppix on it and use it as my emergency burn station? We'll see.


I recently bought a new system and was surprised to find that the 4081B burner didn't come with any burning software. Ofcourse, I turned to Nero too but, yet again, to my surprise this model wasn't supported. Would anyone know what DVD/CD burning software "does" support LG's GSA-4081B drive? (preferably free)tim[at]portal3[dot]net

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